Toy retailers can rely on the Tower systems Toy Shop Software to help increase sales, cut¬†costs and drive business value. That’s the boring business pitch which can often send toy retailers to sleep. Here are some of the practical ways Tower Systems helps, ways that should not put you to sleep:

  1. Electronic invoices. Stop manually checking and processing invoices for stock – we work with your suppliers to import electronic files.
  2. Less mistakes. With fewer keystrokes at the counter there are fewer mistakes.
  3. Less dead stock. With you ordering based in your own data rather than gut feel you have the power to say no to suppliers and to focus on what works.
  4. Shoppers spend more. Thanks to a fresh approach to loyalty you get shoppers spending more this visit. We have stores reporting 10% growth based on this effective tool.
  5. Shoppers come back more often. We show how using everyday business touchpoint you can entice shoppers back ore often.
  6. Cut employee theft. Using excellent hidden tracking tools you are assisted to spot patterns which could be employee theft.
  7. Better serving customers. You can share care instructions and other information to show off your knowledge and customer care in ways that help you beat bi businesses.

These are just some of the innovations on which toy retailers can rely in this Australian software to build more valuable toy shop businesses.

Tower Systems will work with you, help you, to go beyond the technology to use the software in genuinely valuable and meaningful ways.