Helping newsagents leverage the Ladbrokes opportunity

Tower Systems has been helping newsagents embrace the Ladbrokes opportunity in-store with support for facilitating a technology solution for selling recharge of Ladbrokes accounts.

While we do not have a commercial relationship with Ladbrokes or Blueshyft, the platform through which the Ladbrokes service is offered, we have been active in helping newsagents embrace the opportunity and undertake appropriate tracking through their Tower newsagency software.

Tower Systems actively supports newsagents across a range of new business growth opportunities.

One Response to Helping newsagents leverage the Ladbrokes opportunity

  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your support. I helped a few newsagents upload the barcodes using Tower and it was very easy, within a very powerful system. I was very impressed with your software and service. Thank you again for helping with our roll out.


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