While POS software co Tower Systems has offered web store access through its smart POS software, the new direct Magento link takes the web store facilities to a new level.

The Tower link with Magento is direct, through a partnership link between the Tower software and Magento. 

Prior to releasing the POS software / magento link on the market, Tower Systems created several-commerce sites using the Magento link and these have been running for more than six months. Today the company and has supports live direct link e-commerce sites in a range of retail channels covering a range of products and services. These sites are live commerce sites the company can take prospective clients to, to show the link live in action, so people can see this smart software working for themselves.

The link is powerful yet easy to setup and maintain. The Tower development team has ensured this as the focus user is the typical small business retailer with little resource or appetite to become an IT expert.

Retailers including garden centres, jewellers, bike shops, newsagents, gift shops, homewares shops, book shops, toy shops and produce stores can use this link to help their businesses transact accurately and professionally online. Tower Systems helps with terrific software for the brick and mortar retail business as well as the link to the website. The company can facilitate the whole of business service, as far as the retail customer may want.

It is our contact with Magento in the US well over a year ago that set the path for what we offer small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand today. By going our and undertaking research into best practice overseas, Tower Systems made itself aware of what retailers liked and what they wanted from website links from their POS software, the company then set about developing, testing and delivering this into the marketplace.

With plenty of reference sites now for the Magento link and even more for our mature web store facilities, Tower Systems is well positioned to help small business retailers establish professional and commercially valuable links with one or more inline presences.

Magento is owned by eBay, it is a worldwide popular webstore platform.

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