Using the latest Toy Shop software from Tower Systems, small and independent toy retailers are able to grow online and offline sales Рgrow sales in store and grow sales through a smart magento webstore interface.

The Magento interface available to Toy retailers, and other retailers, is elegant, direct and fast. With users already it is working a treat, offering independent toy retailers an easy path to online retail.

This is smart, very smart. better than a webstore link, better than what many software companies offer Рas it is direct, using  Magento itself for a direct to the POS software link.

Toy retailers can easily have a common stock file for their store and their webstore, they can sell in the shop or online and not have to worry about syncing files or keeping both up today.

This is just one of the ways the Tower Systems toy shop software is helping small business retailers like toy shop owners to drive better business outcomes for their independent businesses.

Competing with big retailers can be tough. But it can be done. This is where Tower Systems helps – by enabling small business retailers to be smart, to make fact-based decisions for the better of their businesses.

With more toy shops switching to the Tower software we are able to bring opportunities to the table such as supplier links, benchmarking, electronic ordering and other benefits.

Using the Tower you shop software is about much more than the software itself, thanks to the whole of business support approach delivered by Tower through what it does in its work not only with toy retailers but with other specialty retailers the company serves.

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