The Tower Systems Jeweller Software helps independent jewellers increase business by bringing shoppers back for important life event purchases. It is easy to set this up, to remind shoppers to come shop with you. Date related reach-outs to customers are another way we help retail jewellers to personally invite shoppers back into the business. But don’t rely just on this as it is one of many ways you can use this software to personally connect with your customers and through which you can demonstrate a care and attention from your business that is heartfelt and useful.

The Tower Systems training, support and retail business management teams can help with implementing these and other retail business growth opportunities that are embedded in the Tower Systems Jeweller Software.

With hundreds of jewellers using this software, Tower Systems is able to draw on experiences gained from years of service in-store with jewellers to help others deepen shopper engagement with the result of increasing sales. This is vitally important in the competition with online businesses. Being personal matters yet it can have a high cost. By leveraging smart tools in the software, your jeweller business can appear personal without the labour cost of being personal. Helping you achieve this is part of what Tower Systems offers its customers every day.

Being personal matters in retail, especially small business local retail serving a local community. It matters in small business POS software companies too. This is why, when you speak with someone at Tower, you know who they are. It is also why you can connect with our leadership team, personally and on any business matter – beyond the software even. This retail business advice and management assistance is another differentiating service for Tower Systems. We take the assistance we provide beyond the usual help desk engagement seriously because we know that it is in this space where we can make the most positive impact on a jeweller business – using the software as a tool and layering this with smart business knowledge we can help in practical and valuable ways.

So what we do is about much more than helping you remember dates. We welcome opportunities to engage deeply and personally for the good of your business.