Here is advice you can use to ensure computers in your retail business are used for their intended purpose:

  1. The computers in this business are business tools, they are important to the running of the business. Their security is vital to the safe running of the business.
  2. Do not use any computer for any form of personal use without permission. This means:
    1. No playing games.
    2. No looking at porn.
    3. No Facebook.
    4. No browsing websites unless they are websites used regularly by this business for running the business.
    5. No connecting your phone to the computer.
  3. Do not open emails including business emails unless you have permission.
  4. Do not click on any link in any email unless you are 100% certain that the email is from a trusted source and you have permission to access email.
  5. Do not clear the browser cache.
  6. Never permit anyone to use a computer in the business unless you have permission.
  7. Never give anyone a computer password from the business.
  8. Never write down any business password you are entrusted with.
  9. Never connect a USB stick with the computer unless you have permission.
  10. If you do something wrong own up to it immediately.