There is no regulation when it comes to web development, no certainty that you are engaging a professional with the skills necessary to get the job done. Too often we hear stories of retailers paying for a website that does not work or is not easily updated or that is not being found in online searches.

Our advice if you are considering website development is:

  1. Get a proposal in writing.
  2. Ensure the developer commits in writing to commercial outcomes with which you agree.
  3. Agree to staged payments with some funds withheld until the site is genuinely live and working to your satisfaction.
  4. Ensure the site comes with training for your proper maintenance of the data on the site.
  5. Ensure the site is provided with a marketing program to ensure the site is easily found online.

If a website development proposal sounds too good to be true, it is most likely too good to be true and you should pass.