Today, Saturday, many POS software companies will be closed, providing barely basic services for their retail customers. Not Tower Systems.

  1. Our Melbourne based office is open, offering live support to small business retailers. For the best support experience retailers want to be talking with someone based in an office with the full suite of tools at their disposal.
  2. Access to the office is through capital city based numbers and a toll-free number in New Zealand.
  3. Our after hours numbers are live and ready to support the office based service with over-flow calls if necessary.
  4. Our senior management is online and accessible should such escalation be needed.
  5. Our Knowledge Base is live and accessible.
  6. More than 130 professional training videos are available from anywhere i  the world to provide free, repeatable, training.

This level of Saturday service is rare for small business POS software companies. We are proud of this Tower AdvantageTM.