Small business retail management advice: adjust the seat for a more comfortable drive

Using POS software is like driving a car. You have many options you can select and tweak to personalise the experience.

When you get in a car for the first time you make all the necessary adjustments to personalise the experience for you, to ensure your experience is safe and appropriate to your needs.

Do the same with your software. Never use it out of the box. Take time to ensure the settings are what you want, that they are appropriate to your needs.

Every so often, check the settings, ensure they continue to serve your needs.

Over time, new settings can give you greater personalisation. Embrace these and enjoy more flexibility in how the software serves you and your business.

Tower Systems offers a settings review service where our help desk will work with small business retailers to review settings and ensure the personalisation in the settings is appropriate for what you explain as your needs.

Even the smallest change can enhance your experience with POS software.  Try it.

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