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Valuable insights from Tyro on EFTPOS and more

IMG_2646We benefited from a terrific briefing from broadband EFTPOS experts Tyro today at their Sydney headquarters in a special briefing for their POS software partners.

The briefing also covered other products from the company that benefit small businesses. We like this as here at Tower Systems we only serve small business retailers.

The session today was enlightening.

The meetings following the session were even more enlightening. We are grateful to Tyro for the opportunities.


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  1. Hello Mark, I am glad you could come and share the launch of Tyro nextGen EFTPOS banking. A lot of work still lays ahead of us to deliver to small business retailers the banking they deserve, tailored to their needs, removing all frictions in payments, banking and funding. I and the entire Tyro team want to thank you and your customers for the support and trust that you invested into our endeavor over the years. Cheers, Jost


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