The new cloud based POS software integrated appointment facility being released by Tower Systems for pet shops and pet groomers reflects needs expressed by these small business retailers, needs for 2016 and beyond.

How people want to make appointments has fundamentally changed and we found old appointment technology has not kept up with today’s consumer of grooming and appointment based services.

The solution developed by Tower Systems is fresh, appropriate and flexible. We are thrilled with the look and feel and the feedback we have been getting from experts.

The new appointment facility will be on show at the PIAA Conference and Exhibition in a couple of weeks in Melbourne. We are grateful to be at this event and showing off our brand new appointment book software. We are excited to be able to introduce this new software to a broader community.

The highlights of the new appointment facility include:

  1. Cloud based.
  2. Mobile and desktop enabled.
  3. Text message support for customer contact and action.
  4. A beautiful front end from where you can manage appointments.
  5. Easy management not only of the time block but also the people, rooms and resourced needed for appointments.
  6. A design elegance that is relevant to 2016.
  7. POS software integrated.
  8. 100% developed by Tower Systems for Tower Systems customers.
  9. Available stand alone.
  10. 24/7 access.
  11. Flexible.
  12. Serving multiple retail channel needs in the one package solution.

We are thrilled to be bringing this to the market, to realise on the comprehensive consultation and development involved in creating something new and fresh to serve the appointment making and management needs of specialty small business retailers.

Tower Systems is proud to be a major sponsor of the PIAA conference and expo in Melbourne.