One of the best ways we help small business retailers using our POS software is by meeting with suppliers to guide their data path so that it best serves the needs of their core customers, small business retailers.

One of the best ways to guide suppliers is at the source. This is why we invest in and attend trade shows around the world.

At the Hong Kong Gift Fair this week we had terrific conversations with suppliers from Australia and their source suppliers. Some of these discussions centred around the quality of business data, to help ensure that our retailers benefit from quality data from the outset.

This work includes ensuring barcodes meet respected international standards. From that flows the discussion about invoice files and that they meet international EDI standards.

Too often software companies do not engage in these topics and the result is poor business data at retail and this leads to poor outcomes for retailers.

Data is king and here at Tower Systems we work with retailers to help them provide access to quality data at all points in their businesses.