Tower Systems is growing in the toy shop software space with more retailers installed and using our toy shop software.

Toy shops have unique needs, needs beyond what is average in POS software. In our software we cater to unique needs. Without wanting to disclose all that is unique to us, here are some facilities toy shop owners love in our specialty software:

  1. Serial number tracking.
  2. Age checking on goods.
  3. Product use and care instructions on invoice.
  4. LayBy
  5. Customer special orders. This is where a retailer will get orders in to serve a specific customer requirement. Includes option to send an SMS to collect goods received in-store.
  6. Catalogues – date range based sales.
  7. BOGO type selling Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 3 Get 4th one free.
  8. Collector card. Buy X over time and get Y free.
  9. Sales based marketing. For example, easily targeting the Lego shopper to purchase new packs.
  10. Supplier EDI – electronic invoices.
  11. The ability to look at sales performance beyond departments / categories and suppliers. A way to slice the data for efficiency.
  12. Seasonal reordering facilities.
  13. Discount vouchers – enabling retailers to leverage key seasonal traffic at surge times.

Here is an in-house produced video that explains further how we help toy retailers: