Fishing and outdoors retailers run specialty retail businesses for with specialty software is key. Tower Systems has many retailers using its fishing and outdoors software already. That is set to grow with new software just released.

This latest software bring to market new facilities developed with successful retailers, delivering more in-store management and marketing options through which independent retailers can grow more valuable businesses.

Here are some of the benefits fishing and outdoors retail business owners can expect from using the Tower Systems retail channel specific software:

  1. Fast, accurate selling.
  2. Easy handling of multiple price levels for items. This can serve the need of local fishing clubs, community groups and others.
  3. Easy handling of multiple sale pack sizes (or volumes) per product.
  4. Easy handling of packs, or hampers, of items that can be purchased as a package for a different price to if they were purchased individually. This helps fishing retailers who sell seasonal gift and starter packs.
  5. Serial number tracking at the item level. High end rods are easier tracked with this.
  6. Product use and care instructions on the invoice or receipt.
  7. Local information on receipts – such as recommended fishing spots.
  8. Age checking at the product level as may be required by the law from time to time.
  9. Scale integration, enabling the sale of products by weight. This is especially useful for the sale of bait.
  10. Easy importing of supplier electronic invoices such as from Shimano.
  11. Repair management facilities – for businesses offering repair services.
  12. Easy management of LayBy.
  13. Easy connection to Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks.
  14. Easy connection to a website if you have one.
  15. Development of a website connected to your POS software.
  16. Easy management of customer accounts.
  17. Special customer orders. This can work very well for bespoke lures and more.
  18. Identifying of shopper and employee theft.
  19. Tracking of stock movement.
  20. Handling of customer loyalty – points and discounts.
  21. Easy reordering based on sales.
  22. Performance reporting comparing trading periods, supplier performance and other key business performance metrics.
  23. Security over business data.
  24. Security over business settings blocking changes you do not want made.
  25. Peace of mind thanks to consistent processes established through the software for managing stock, customers and other aspects of the business.