Online appointment software is helping retailers and service providers in a bunch of ways. Here are the top five we hear about when we talk with people who love online appointment software:

  1. 24/7 trading. In this online and forever connected world, people what they want when they want it. In the area of personal services and anything else for which appointments are essential, businesses that offer online appointments can win businesses ahead of those businesses that do not offer such services. 24/7 trading gives you the edge, the ability to lock in an appointment when peopler want to do that. Imagine the benefits compared them having to wait to call or wait for an email response. Online appointments are fast and easy.
  2. Save time. You save time and the customer saves time. No paperwork. Auto checking of the appointment. It is wins all round.
  3. Customer certainty. With the confirmation provided to the customer in the form they choose, they have certainty and you have certainty. That builds confidence in your business.
  4. Easy resources scheduling. Thanks to also scheduling rooms, people and equipment, everything is done in the one appointment booking process. Yo are covered and the customer knows exactly what they are booking.
  5. Competitive advantage. Your business with an online appointment facility looks different, more current, to competitors without such facilities.

Available as stand-alone as well as integrated with the Tower POS software, the new appointment facility enables people to make an appointment with a business from anywhere and at any time.

Located at  this new facility offers a full suite of appointment facilities including:

  1. Easy appointment making as well as changes – from any device, anywhere.
  2. Text message and/or email notification.
  3. Send reminders of appointments.
  4. Schedule staff, rooms and equipment based on the type of appointment being made and staff and resource availability.
  5. Australian developed and supported.
  6. Data located on a secure server in a purpose built data warehouse facility.
  7. Low monthly access cost. Paid 30 days in advance. Easily cancellable.
  8. Tower Systems POS software integrated to make processing payments easy.
  9. Business management back end to see the schedule of appointments by staff member and overall and to efficiently manage resources.

Developed initially for pet groomers, this new appointment facility has been designed to serve a variety of needs including managing appointments for product repairs, professional services and other businesses.

Each business has its own public-facing landing page that can be found through search engines. There is also a website plug-in to enable appointments to be seamlessly made form your website.

Tower Systems is thrilled to release MakeMyAppointment to retailers and service providers as a genuine cloud based appointment facility developed for small businesses across a range of retail sectors.

Tower Systems is well established in the POS retailer community with high-value POS software for a range of specialty retail niche.