Established small business specialty POS software company Tower Systems offers its software4 on a rental and hosted basis to retailer.

The rental option makes accessing th software easy and fast.

It eliminates the need for purchase.

Rental terms run for thirty days with easy get out for customers.

The company has offered the rental solution since 2015 with retailers able to select what they want when they want.

This approach to acquiring access to POS software is another way Tower Systems makes it easy for small business retailers to connect with its POS software.

We think the important choice for retailer is to find the right software. If we are that right software, and only the retailer will know, then we want it to be easy for the retailers to acquire and install our software. Flexibility is the key here.

In choosing to rent the software there is no delay, no cumbersome sign up process. It is simple and easy, and fast. This is another way Tower Systems demonstrates flexibility to its small business retail customers.

It is another Tower AdvantageTM.