Small business retailers can be bamboozled by claims made by POS software companies. Here is a guaranteed way to find the best POS software company for you in a comparison:

  1. Ask the companies you are interested in to visit your shop, to show you live and in person how their software handles questions you have about it.
  2. Speak with the owner of the POS software company. Ask them why your business matters. Ask them for details of retailers like you they have using their software.
  3. Get login access to their customer knowledge base. Look at th resources they provide.
  4. Look at their business blogs, compare the content and professionalism.
  5. Compare the written quotes. Ensure everything you require is included.
  6. Ask if software support coverage is mandatory. Get their answer in writing, from a director of the company.
  7. Ask for a total cost of ownership projection for three, four and five years.

These six points alone will offer a complete comparison outside of the software itself. It will force some companies to confront topics they would rather avoid.