Thanks to separate, best-practice, integrations, Tower Systems is offers flexibility to our customers running websites in Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

‘These integrations are in addition to a generic webstore integration platform that can be used for many different webstore and website platforms.

This maximum flexibility approach helps small business retailers chose the web platform they prefer and thereby connect it to the POS software they love.

Through the Tower Systems POS software webstore integrations, our customers can easily share inventory data including descriptions, images and live stock on hand, ensuring that customers can easily shop online and in-store when they want.

The click and collect facilities are popular as are the online LayBy facilities.

Having a separate web development team in house along with a POS software development team in house, we are able to serve both needs separately and together through comprehensive and integrated work in our development processes.

We believe in small business and that small business retailers can compete online with big business. All of our web development work seeks to provide small business retailers with smart engaging and commercially valuable web presences through which our small business customers can compete.

The latest release of our POS software, released a few weeks ago, offers valuable tools that our customers can further leverage in this online space.