We are thrilled to be exhibiting our new POS software at the Melbourne Gift Fair starting this morning. In addition to our POS software, we will feature our Xero link, stunning loyalty facilities, website integrations and plenty more for retailers keen to engage their businesses at a level beyond what has been average in the past.

Small business retailers at the git fair can expect to see including…

  1. Integrated interest free immediate pick up LayBy.
  2. Integrated Shopify commence platform.
  3. Integrated Magento commence platform.
  4. Integrated WooCommerce commence platform.
  5. Easy to use yet structured and professional LayBy.
  6. Customer special orders with TXT message when stock arrives.
  7. Professional gift cards with your logo and proper management of balance.
  8. Easy to produce gift vouchers.
  9. Gift receipts that can be wrapped with a gift (no pricing).
  10. Intelligent receipts with product care information.
  11. Easy handling of hampers and bundled offers.
  12. Supplier performance comparison.
  13. Employee performance management and rewards.
  14. Importing electronic invoices from gift shop suppliers. We work with for you.
  15. Linking to your website to manage a common stock file.
  16. Loyalty options including traditional points as well as front end loyalty to drive infrequent shopper engagement.
  17. Inventory management to guide you to a more efficient inventory level.
  18. Theft reduction tools to reduce the opportunity of employee theft.
  19. It’s easy to use.
  20. It’s regularly updated based on user suggestions.