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How we help local garden centres compete with Bunnings and other massive businesses


Local garden shops are wonderful places where you can get local advice, brilliant service and the right plants and products for your own local garden.

Using our garden centre software, garden centre owners and staff can leverage their local knowledge and provide assistance and services that shoppers will not experience when they go to the mass garden retailers.

Our customers can encode in our garden centre software local knowledge and service information such that it is provided to customers on purchase of products. This is more valuable and loved by local gardeners than the less personal experience they are likely to have in a mass retail situation.

Developed specifically for garden centres, our garden centre software has facilities in the software that are specific to the retail channel, tools that help that specific type of business to operate more efficiently a dot better serve the local community. And this customisation for garden centres continues thanks to our commitment to the continuous improvement of our POS software.

From the sales counter to the back office, this software helps you structure your business to improve operational consistency, save time, easily reorder and be confident in your business decisions thanks to easy access to business data.

Our Point of Sale system has excellent stock control, layby, shopper loyalty, business reporting and other facilities.

You can easily scan sales, track business by employees, handle LayBys and reward customers thanks to a range of shopper loyalty options. Receipts can include product care information – offering another level of personalisation of customer service. EFTPOS payments can be done through a terminal connected to your computer.

Every business is different. Our sales approach is to find out about your needs first. We like to understand your business, to see if we can serve needs you have.

Best of all, we have freight options that are important where you truck in items by bulk and sell items by bulk. The facilities in our software truly are tailored for local garden centre businesses.

One of our Garden Centre software experts will talk with you, listen to your needs and show our software. Call the expert nearest you: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

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