We have seen another example in the last week how offshore web development can be bad for a small retail business.

Here is some of what went wrong in with one project before we were brought in to fix the situation:

  1. The delivered site was incomplete. Parts of the requirements of the business had not been met.
  2. Links were broken. For example, the link to a gallery of products took the browser nowhere.
  3. The colour schemes of the business were not adhered to throughout the site.
  4. The developer failed to deliver the payment gateway integrations required.
  5. The web developer stopped taking calls, demanding contact was by email – because they did not want to be woken at night.
  6. Spelling of some words was changed to American spelling because that is what the web developer thought was right compared to Australian spelling.
  7. The site was not setup correctly to receive images and inventory data from the POS software.
  8. The site was delivered weeks late.

When it comes to web development you get what you pay for. Low cost offshore web development is low cost because of lower labour rates and, often, because of corners cut.