It is easy for small business retailers looking for POS software to compare the Tower Systems POS software with the Retail Express POS software.

Here at Tower Systems we are happy to come to your business, to learn abut your needs in person and to demonstrate our software in person.

There is no substitute for being in a business that is contemplating POS software. Try and do this over the phone and you will miss things. Do it in person and you will be able to provide more useful advice to the business owner.

A Tower Systems software small business specialist will visit your business at a time that suits. The is to learn about the business needs, to see if our software is a good fit.

We are also happy to visit the business when a retail Express representative is there, so you can easily compare the software, to see which serves your needs better.

Functionality is everything and comparing two POS software programs function buy function is useful to determine which better serves your needs. This is another reason for wanting the assessment to be done in your business, at a time of your choosing.

This is what good personal service is all about – putting the needs of your business first.

How does Tower Systems compare to Retail Express? Compare the two software programs in your business side by side and see for yourself.