Tower Systems helped one small Australian business add $25,000 in revenue in the back half of 2017 through online sales to shoppers who ever set foot in the business.

The business was already using the Tower Systems POS software. They hooked up to one of our pub lic websites, which took seconds. Pretty soon the sales started rolling in.

$25,000 in incremental business at 50% GP. Some of those shoppers have developed a relationship with the business for on-going purchases.

Yes, any business can increase online sales, especially in the hours the business is closed.

  1. Transacting is easy.
  2. Handling freight is simple.
  3. Paperwork is a breeze.
  4. Maintaining a single and accurate inventory record is a dream.
  5. Fulfilment is structured, accurate and takes no time.
  6. Increasing the return on inventory investment is loved.
  7. It makes the business more valuable.

As retailers ourselves we understand the value of a POS software connected website. We bring this knowledge from our retail experience to play in our POS software development work. This is another way we are different to other POS software companies.

Turning on retailers to web offerings is easy for us as we are a one stop shop in this area. It is part of a suite of in-store and online solutions we offer retailers to help them achieve greater business success.