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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Australian POS software for bear shops helps businesses grow


Bear shops in Australia are unique. They have unique technology needs. Using the specialty retail POS software from Tower Systems, Australian bear and collectible shops can relynonx the software to help:

  1. Attract more shoppers. easily transact online.
  2. Offer fast approval buy now pay later with immediate settlement.
  3. Guide existing shoppers to spend more.
  4. Track stock.
  5. Ensure you do not over buy.
  6. Mitigate shopper theft.
  7. Mitigate employee theft.
  8. Market based on specialty interest.
  9. Pre-sell.
  10. Offer package deals.
  11. Track serial numbers.
  12. Recognise shopper birthdays.
  13. Offer product care instructions.

These are just some of the ways the specialty retail facilities in the Tower Systems software for bear shops is useful to a very niche and specialist business. The software does far more too, like integrate with accounting software and direct link to e-commerce platforms for easily managed online sales.

We don’t develop software only for bear shops but we do develop software for jewellers, specialist gift shops and other businesses with needs similar to bear shops.

Special orders, LayBys, gift cards, pre-orders – they are all easily handled in our software. Our software can send customers notification when their order arrives.

You can also record the number of the bear sold for limited editions from Steiff, Charlie Bears and others.

On the receipt you can include your personal care information that adds value to the sale, showing off why buying from you is important to collectors.

We also have a unique loyalty facility bear collectors love and that can turn people into collectors.

Right across the business, our retail management software can help you run a more successful and enjoyable bear shop. We’d love to show you how.

Call us now and we can arrange a personal and obligation-free demonstration of our software to help you determine if our software is a good fit for your business. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do this.

See the software live. Contact us for an obligation free demonstration: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

This software is affordable. You can purchase it outright, lease it or rent it.

Supported by humans, in Australia. Our help desk is in Hawthorn, Victoria.

Training is personal. We come to your business and train you in the software.

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