Our Tower Systems POS software is not a destination. Rather, it is an evolving solution, being enhanced to serve evolving needs.

Customer service is more vital than ever in retail. One way retailers can provide better service is through tracking customer related events. When we started to look at this, however, we found wide variation in what is tracked, how and when. In pet stores where pet details are recorded the needs are different to what we see in jewellery where more traditional anniversaries are tracked. These both different to what we see in produce where an event could relate to the timing requirement for crop support.

We have developed a broad-based set of functions and support for what we call Events in our software. We have sought to cover the above needs and considerably more, to serve the needs we have seen across multiple retail channels.

Our goal is to help high street retailers offer a deeper personal shopper experience, to support a stickiness between shopper and retailer as this stickiness helps encourage the shopper to return to the business over another one or over an online site.

In our world, how we see it, events can be anything related to a customer. There can be any number of events too. Each event has a date or at least an anniversary related to it. This is key since we know that an event is something a retailer wants to track and respond to.

Like any new functionality, how we handle this will evolve over time and based on user feedback.

This new function allows users to add Events to Identities that are connected to a Customer. The Events are based on either a specific date or the date a product or service was or was not purchased. Once this data is collated we can then easily report and market to these customers using methods such as email or SMS.

Using the new events facilities in our software track many occasions and date based customer contacts and activities. You can do this as a customer service or as a return visit generating opportunity.

The events facilities have been developed with considerable flexibility, to ensure they serve the needs