Owning and running a small or independent retail business can be lonely and challenging. Especially in this marketplace where big businesses have extraordinary tech tools they can deploy to make it look like their services are more human and personal than they really are.

Here at Tower Systems we help small and independent retailers in a range of specialty retail niches compete thanks to services beyond our POS software.

  1. We help or customers better understand the direction of their businesses through data analysis.
  2. We provide free small business marketing resources.
  3. We provide free social media content they can use to restate the value of small business locally and economically.
  4. We listen, often on topics far removed from our software.
  5. We provide free training, long after the software is first installed.
  6. We reduce operational friction between suppliers and retailers through engagement with suppliers on behalf of our retail customers.
  7. We provide access to a wide range of shopper loyalty options.
  8. We provide access to a successful basket-building strategy for businesses that see shoppers once or infrequently.
  9. We provide business context for software actions. Too often software company people say do this or that without explaining the business context.
  10. We walk in small business retail shoes. We own and run independent small business shops to provide personal experience that we then leverage for the benefit of our customers.

In these ways and plenty more we serve our customers in practical and valuable ways.

We believe in small business for the economic benefit of any country. This is why we only sell to small business customers, to help them to more effectively and successfully compete against big businesses.

Small business retail can compete through the engaged use of the smart tools in our POS software. This is where our deeper and more personal training and support plays a vital role in delivering to our customers not only knowledge but also vital encouragement and support to achieve this and plenty more.

Check us out, see for yourselves. Visit www.towersystems.com.au and ask us how we can help your type of retail business. We’d love to show you the Tower advantage.