The events facilities released in the latest Tower Systems POS software update, Retailer version 2.7.4, are proving to be popular. They are comprehensive, of use to any retail business that wants to invite shoppers back into their businesses.

Events was expensive for us to develop. The software is broad in scope, comprehensive, and valuable to us and to our customers. We have made these facilities available to supported users at no cost. We have done this because we see them as a valuable core facility in good POS software.

Think of the Events facilities as marketing tools for growing revenue and making your business more valuable. You can market to people based on birthdays or anniversaries, when they last bought something, or other criteria appropriate to your business.

Comprehensive in scope and created following extensive customer consultation, the Events facilities add extraordinary value to your investment in the Tower Systems software.

For your own free training delivered with context to your business, please email Every Tower Systems customer has access to unlimited one on one training, at no cost.

We also have excellent knowledge base advice on Events. Type events into the search bar and you will find them. Our knowledge base, with up to date advice, is accessible to our customers 24/7.

Events is helping retailers in a range of retail channels to grow their businesses, to bring shoppers back and to make the experience more complete, more whole of business. It is a shining light of new feels in software too help retailers grow.

To get access to Events, please email  asking us to turn it on. There is no cost for supported customers.