Points based loyalty is old-school and out of date. People don’t understand points because what are they worth?

While we continue to support points-based loyalty in our POS software, we go beyond this with our discount vouchers. Discount vouchers are fresh, engaging and easily understood. They help retailers win more business. They are a best practice loyalty offer for small business retailers.

Discount Vouchers don’t need a card – they print on sales receipts and offer an amount customers can spend right away. Our experience and the experience of hundreds of our customers is that Discount Vouchers drive faster and deeper engagement with the business – making a shopping visit more valuable right away.

We are confident that Tower Systems’ Discount Voucher facilities can help you:

  1. Get customers spending more in a visit.
  2. Bring existing customers back sooner.
  3. Attract new shoppers to your business.
  4. Drive impulse purchases at the sales counter.

People understand money, far more so than points. This is why discount vouchers are more likely to drive better results in retail businesses.

In our own retail experience, which sees us competing against major retailers in a Westfield shopping centre, several shoppers have stated they prefer Discount Vouchers over the rewards programs of our competitor.

The total loyalty package in the Tower Systems software is comprehensive, flexible and tuned to offer retailers choice through which they can serve their own situation with confidence and success.