I am amazed that I can call and speak to someone in Australia, someone who understands me and my type of business. You have no idea how relieved I feel.

This is a note from a customer who switched to our small business POS software from a cloud based POS program that was not supported in Australia. Their business is in Australia. It is a business in one of the specialty retail channels we serve.

I am surprised at the specialist facilities in the software. They fit what I need well. I should have gone with you guys first.

We love customer feedback and that our specialty software is loved by specialty retailers in the retail channels in which we serve.

  1. Our software is specialist for a range of different retail channels.
  2. Our support is locally based.
  3. Our phones are answered by humans.
  4. Our help is accessible 24/7.
  5. Our assistance goes beyond our software.

We are grateful to the 3,500+ retailers we serve.

What a great way to celebrate Friday, celebrating our customers.