Tower Systems launched scale integration for its POS software more than two years ago. Today, it is widely and successfully used to help small business retailers sell more accurately and confidently.

Our POS software scale integration helps small business retailers better serve their customers.

Developed in close consultation with retailers, these tools are established, proven and stable.

The integration with scales for the Tower Systems POS software provides retailers with options for how they sell. While selling packaged goods is no doubt faster at the sales counter, offering ‘bulk’ prices can change the pitch of the business.

  1. Confectionery shops.
  2. Produce stores.
  3. Fishing and outdoors stores.
  4. Hardware stores
  5. Fruit shops.
  6. Supermarkets.
  7. Pet food shops.
  8. Garden centres.

In each case while the business may be significantly different, the principle is the same – the software handles the sale of items based on weight and this is a terrific differentiator for plenty of businesses that want to sell items by weight and thereby offer a volume type of pricing.

The POS software scale integration completed by Tower Systems has gone through the processes required for authentication and certification. This enables us to sell it to small business retailers with confidence and certainty. This is vital to their leveraging the facilities for their business.

Scale integration is one of a range of specialty integrations in the Tower Systems software to help small business retailers drive better business outcomes. We are experts at delivering seamless trusted integrations that serve the needs of our large small business retail community.

The powerful POS scanner/scales hybrid that we recommend installs directly into your counter top and provides:

  1. All-Weighs Scale Platter with integrated Produce Lift Bar or Produce Rail™
  2. FirstStrike advanced decoding software delivers the best performance in reading poor quality labels
  3. Aggressive and ergonomic 360° 5-sided scanning
  4. Host Download – Lowers Service Cost and Improves Operations
  5. Diagnostic Reporting – For improved preventative maintenance
  6. Productivity Index Reporting™ – Helps identify poorly printed labels
  7. Cashier Training™/ Ergonomic Index – Identifies Poor Scanning/Weighing Habits

Our expert POS software staff can install and activate the scales integration module into your Tower Systems retail software remotely. We can do this in any of the specialty retail businesses that we serve.