New years provide an opportunity for a new start, a reset. As the 2018/19 financial year kicks off we want to help you reset your business. Here are our tips for an awesome start to 2018/19 using our POS software.

THE CASE FOR CHANGE. If you are not happy with sales revenue in your business change is the only option for doing the same this financial year will maintain your business performance trajectory from the last financial year. The advice below is all about change, for the better.

    1. Stand out the front of your shop. consider reducing the messages you pitch to people who walk past. Fewer signs and promotions could increase the attention you get. Less can be more. We have retail specialists who can help. Send photos and we will provide feedback.
    2. Quit dead stock. Stock that is not selling has no value in your business. In fact, it is likely holding you back as it takes space and reminds you, your team and shoppers that you are a harder and have out of date stock. We have a report that can tell you what is dead.
    3. Change your counter. Your counter should be about easy and valuable impulse purchases. Clear it off and rebuild with fresh offers.
  2. RESET LOYALTY. Think carefully about your loyalty offer. If it is not encouraging the level of loyalty you want, consider changes. In our POS software we have multiple types of loyalty for different situations. These can be used individually or mixed together. Right now could be a good time to reset your loyalty offer.
  3. ORDER WHAT WORKS. Too often we see retailers buy what they like or from people they like ahead of what business data indicate they should buy. We can help you use data in your software to buy more of what works.
  4. CHECK FOR THEFT. We can do a deep dive in your data, looking for data patterns that could indicate theft. This is a confidential owner-only service.
  5. DISRUPT YOURSELF. While there is great comfort in consistently following business processes, it could be that they are a barrier to you finding new shoppers and a nice revenue bump. Sometimes, you have to shake yourself up and take a left turn when you would usually take a right turn to find growth. In our POS software there are opportunities for self-disruption. We’d love to help you leverage these.
  6. BE LOCAL AND ON MESSAGE.  Our POS software has facilities through which you can pitch your local credentials. On receipts. Even with individual items you can include local specific care instructions. This personal information  from you can separate your business from local and online competitors. We can show you how to use these facilities.

We are keen to help you grow your business in 2018/19, to make it more enjoyable and valuable. Our motto is We’re here to help. We are serious about this and appreciate opportunities to do this with and for you.

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