Tower Systems helps thousands of small business retailers with awesome software and even better customer service. This is service that goes beyond what is usual. It is a terrific point of difference that has evolved through years, decades, of service.

Beyond our personal one on one help desk services, here are other services we offer to retailers who use our POS software.

  1. Free group training workshops. Every week. Each offers plenty of Q&A time. Click here to book.
  2. Free one on one training. After your system is installed and you are trained, request more one on on training. Book:
  3. Free business performance analysis. We offer a fresh eyes review of your business as revealed in your data.
  4. Free theft check. We look in places retailers tend to not look, seeking our possible theft indicating behaviour.
  5. Xero integration. Save time. Cut mistakes. Click here for details.
  6. Cloud backup. Never do an end of day backup again.
  7. Webstore integration. To Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. best practice. saves time. Increases revenue. Click here for details.
  8. Smart loyalty. Facilities that increase basket depth and bring shoppers back sooner. Click here for details.
  9. Local focus. Through our software pitch local knowledge and experience in ways that set your business apart and make you a local champion.
  10. Stock review. Our software can tell you what is dead stock, making it easier for you to quit this.

Our software support coverage is comprehensive. Our Tower AdvantageTM software support coverage includes:

  1. Help desk support in the use of our software.
  2. After hours support for urgent problems relating to our software.
  3. Free one on one training in our software each year.
  4. Software updates.
  5. Access to our online knowledge base – with more than 600 articles.
  6. Access to our online training video library – with more than 130 videos.
  7. Access to our live weekly online training workshops.
  8. Access to checked by Tower supplier stock files.

We are not your average POS software company. Our user experience is nurtured through respect and professional contact every day, beyond the usual Monday to Friday work day. We’re here to help is the motto we live and work every day.