The coffee card type of approach to loyalty where you clop or stamp the card wiht each coffee to track when a shopper is due a free coffee is old-school.

Ion seconds and thanks to a quick scan using our POS software small business retailers can easily track who is due what. This is time saving, more accurate, safer and beneficial to customer and shopper.

This is another part of the awesome loyalty facilities in our POS software. It is another way we help small business retailers compete in the tough loyalty stakes.

Another valuable loyalty / up-sell tool is BUY X GET Y.

The “buy x, get y” pitch is a common offer in retail businesses, especially those that sell everyday items such as pet food, magazines, garden mulch and other consumable items.

In the Tower Systems software loyalty facilities you have access to a powerful and configurable BUY X GET Y facility. You can use this to track shopper engagement and ensure proper rewarding of the free product at the right time. This is an excellent tool for driving shopper loyalty without the usual manual overhead of clipping cards or managing other processes. You can also report on the reward at the right time back to the supplier to ensure you are compensated for giving away the free product. Indeed, you have various detailed reporting options.

The BUY X GET Y facility has been developed with retailers in several channels as well as with suppliers to those retailers to ensure it meets the requirements of both business participants.

The total loyalty package in the Tower Systems software is comprehensive, flexible and tuned to offer retailers choice through which they can serve their own situation with confidence and success.