There are plenty of scammers who call retail businesses to dupe staff into providing access to computers or business records.

Here at Tower Systems we often get called from retail businesses that have been affected, to help recover computer access once it has been hacked. Through this work we have developed advice that, if followed, will reduce the opportunity of a hack against your business:

  1. Be sure of the identity of anyone you provide with access to your computer.
  2. The tax office will not call you to access your computer.
  3. Your bank will not call you to access your computer.
  4. No government department will call to access your computer.
  5. No customer should be given access to your computer, ever.
  6. Only accept card payment when there is a physical card.
  7. Never let a customer swipe their own card.
  8. Backups should be rolling, though the day and to the cloud.
  9. If something sounds too good to be true it most likely is too good to be true.

Be skeptical. It is healthy and safe. Train all who work in your business to be equally skeptical.

For our part, all our people can be verified easily buy you calling one of our pub listed numbers if you are every unsure.