POS software support will often determine if you like the POS software you choose for your retail business or not. By support, we mean help desk services, additional training access, software updates and more.

Brilliant software backed by poor support can make that software worth considerably less in your business.

Brilliant support for average software can make that software more valuable in your business.

Brilliant software for excellent software can create a perfect situation for your business.

Here are just some of the factors where we think good support matters most for small business retailers:

  1. Easy access to good help desk services. When you call, you want to speak to someone, not a computer. You want to speak to someone who knows the software., not a not taker working in an offshore call centre. You want to be able to call when you need help, not when an office here is open. Tower Systems offers a fully staffed help desk with IT professionals knowledgeable in the software, IT professionals who listen and engage with you without following a limiting script.
  2. Easy access to personal training long after the software is setup. When you first install any POS software you don’t know what you don’t know. It is only after you use the software for a while that you discover needs, usually in areas in which you have not been trained. Tower Systems offers users of its POS software free access to one-on-one training long after the software us up and running in a business. A year, two years, three years down the track, Tower Systems customers love easy access to free training.
  3. Regular group training. Learning from other retailers and how they use software is a valuable way to learn. Tower Systems facilitates this through free weekly online training workshops that connect retailers from anywhere in the world to learn about and discuss a specific part of the software. These sessions encourage retailers to talk with each other and learn through peer support.
  4. Being human. It is important to know the people you deal with at a POS software company. We think it is reasonable to be suspicious of businesses that do not personalise contact points. Every Tower Systems customer has the direct contact phone number and email address for the leadership team of the company, every help desk team member uses their real name, all contact is thoroughly human and personal.

Tower Systems in an Australian based POS software company serving more than 3,500 small business retailers in Australia, New Zealand and the broader pacific region. The company makes what it sells and it supports what it sells.

Tower Systems only sells to small business retailers. This ensures our focus is not drawn by the needs of one very large client over another. In our world, all our clients are equal.

Find out more about what we do: Visit www.towersystems.com.au.