Tower Systems is grateful to serve many produce and rural supplies businesses in a variety of situations, sizes and shapes with our produce store software. It is powerful, diverse in function and beneficial in many situations.

Frank hopped out of the truck, placed his order at the counter, paid, had a short chat about the weather and then drove to pick-up where the goods were ready for collection.

Kath called ahead with her order and drove through pick-up to collect the goods, without leaving the ute.

Angelo placed his order on the website at 11pm, from his city apartment, when he remembered he was running short of feed down at his weekend farm. It was delivered ready for his arrival the next weekend.

Penny rang for help with concerns about a crop. She was thrilled to receive a special mix the next day, along with instructions on the delivery docket.

Every day, rural supply businesses serve customers like Frank, Kath, Angelo and Penny, providing personal service based on years of local experience. Specialist rural supplies businesses need specialist software to serve these types of needs.

From managing the sale of bulky goods to respecting risks of hazardous materials to providing meaningful delivery dockets to managing special orders, the rural supplies / produce business software from Tower Systems is tailored to serve.

An asset of your business is that you are a local expert on local crops, common local farm animals and more. You can promote your expert local knowledge through local notes on receipts.

Automatically, receipts, invoices and delivery dockets can include locally relevant information. This free information pitches your business as different to an online shop or a big business that is less focussed on personal service.

Another way we can help maximise sales is with smart shopper engagement. This is where you easily leverage customer data to reach out with reminders.

Using rules that you control, you can send an email or letter to shoppers based on seasons or other potential relevant local purchase triggers. Experience shows that such contact leads to purchases.

Smart shopper engagement starts with accurate business data, captured at the point of sale and backed by tech that helps you leverage this.

Our rural supplies / produce software also offers:

  1. Quotation facility where you quote ahead of winning business.
  2. Selling by weight.
  3. Reporting on hazardous goods when these are supplied.
  4. Group discounts, where members of a local group loyal to you save money.
  5. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  6. Linking to a website for online sales.
  7. Handling special orders, where you order items in for a specific customer.
  8. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  9. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points and / or cash off their next purchase.

See the software live. Contact us for an obligation free demonstration: Email: Call: toll free 1300 662 957. SA / WA / VIC: Tim Batt. 0401 833 917. QLD / NT: Justin Randall.  0434 365 789. NSW / ACT / TAS: Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148. Check us out online:

This software is affordable. You can purchase the software outright, lease it or rent it. You can use it in your business loaded on local computers or in the cloud. How you purchase and access the software is 100% up to you.

Supported by humans, in Australia. Our help desk is in Hawthorn, Victoria. Everyone who works on the help desk has experience in retail. To access the help desk you can call, email, post a Facebook message Tweet or text us.

Training is personal. We come to your business and train you in the software. The training is tailored to your specific needs. Like I said, training is personal. Long after we install, you have access to one on one training, at no additional cost.