In the same way that you need the right tools to craft the clearest diamond, the warmest gold and the sharpest ruby, so you need the right tools to grow your business.  You need software that will help you make the most profitable, appropriate business decisions for your circumstances without violating your privacy.  Your software should not make these decisions for you: it should help you make them yourself.

Our specialty software for jewellers is here to help you.

We’ve crafted our software in-house, line by line of code. Just like your jewellery pieces, our software is more than the sum of its parts.   It is feature-rich and fast.  It is endorsed by hundreds of jewellers across Australia.  But what makes it special is the dedication surrounding it: the passion of the team behind it, the culture of Tower Systems.

We are small.  We have been a vertical-market, specialty retail software developer for thirty-four years and we are proud of it.  Being small means being real.  We answer the phone when you call.  We sell you software directly.  We give you our honest opinion.  Our software is steeped in this culture: personal service meeting the needs of independent jewellers like yours.

You know about jewellery.  You don’t need a large software company looking through your business data without your permission.  What you need is to be empowered.  You need a company on the level with you, an Australian business immersed in the challenges of running an independent business.  Tower Systems is that company.

We empower you through our software to sell more and sell better.  We empower you to create cutting edge business intelligence reports from yourdata, when youwant to.  We provide features and functions to help you to perform valuations, manufacture goods, perform stocktakes, sales, catalogues, promotions, customer marketing, to link with a webstore, accounting or payment platform, to customise receipts, send anniversary reminders and more.

If our software could perform better for you, we’ve built a community where you can share your ideas and be part of the development process yourself.  Straight up, openness.  This has led to the development of an industry-leading loyalty facility and business analytics reports based on benchmarks most jewellers do not consider or have access to.

We do not hire sales people.  Our state based account managers are ex-training & support staff. They are experts.  Experts who have worked their way up through the ranks of Tower Systems.  They fielded customer phone calls in the support room.  They installed computer systems in jewellery stores across the country. They earned their detailed knowledge of the jewellery industry in the field, with hard work and experience.  They are the only people who can sell you our software, because product knowledge beats sales technique any day.

When a customer buys a watch from you, they initiate a relationship with you.  When you buy our specialty POS software, you join our family.  We look after you with real support.  Every morning our support team – across offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – is ready for your phone calls and emails.  When you call, they pick up the phone.

Tower Systems does not employ robots.  We hire real people with diverse experiences.  We don’t hire smart-arses: we save our jobs for communicators.  Customer support is crucial to empowering your business. You need to know you can rely on your computer system – and if the power goes out or a staff member does something unexpected, you need to be certain we’re here for you.  You need to be sure that the company who developed your POS software has your needs at heart.

We do.  And we’re here to help.