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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for teddy bear shops


Tower Systems offers POS software fort specialty retailers, including teddy bear shops, collectible shops and similar businesses that so well serve local and o9nline collectors with beautiful handmade products.

Using our Australian developed and supported retail management POS software, bear shops can easily handle:

  1. Special customer orders such as pre-orders for collectors. This enables you to sell before you have th stock in the business.
  2. LayBys: tracking from the moment of sale through to the last payment. This includes managing the location of the LayBy.
  3. Bear birthdays.
  4. Customer birthdays for tracking and marketing
  5. Customer special occasion tracking and marketing.
  6. Collector special interests for targeted marketing.
  7. Product care information included on receipts, to help you provide a level of service and care beyond usual for retail.
  8. Professional product tags. To respect the nature of the product.
  9. Professional, gorgeous, receipts to your design, which can be changed over time.
  10. Website integration with accurate stock on hand matching your shop. Especially for Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.
  11. Website development – offering you a professional online presence that is easily found through Google.
  12. Integrated EFTPOS to eliminate the need for an extra phone line.
  13. Marketing based on purchase history.
  14. Care instructions included on receipts.
  15. Easy – buy now pay later payment options.

These are some of the many ways our software can help you serve your customers with consistency and professionalism.

Bear shops can rely on  this specialty software to serve the needs of specialty bear shops where serving the collector is key to the business. ore so than generic POS software, this software from Tower Systems is unique, strong and useful as it helps retailers to separate their businesses from others.

Working with specialty bear retailers, the team at Tower Systems learns as needs evolve and this is reflected in the software itself, evolving over time. This continuous improvement approach results in more useful software that fits the needs of the businesses as they serve in their unique retail niche.

Bear shops need specialty software that serves their needs. This is sits at the heart of what makes them special. And we share as heck need bear shops because of the good they do locally and in the world.

Hug a bear today!

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