The Tower Systems Toy Shop POS software has been designed and developed here in Australia for Australian toy shops. It serves local needs, works with local suppliers and is more finely tuned to your business needs.

Tower Systems started in business in 1981. The company serves over 3,000 small business retailers. The software it sells today is not the software from the 1980s. That is long gone. No, the software the company sells today is made for today and tomorrow. It’s based on current level technology with the software being completely re-written several times to leverage new technology.

The Tower Systems Toy Shop software is one of the more recent versions of the software released with the latest major update barely a few months old, released in time for Christmas 2018 trade.

Here are 10 ways this Toy Shop specific software can help your business:

  1. Get customers spending more.Forget the old points approach, our loyalty facilities get customers engaged to spend more and spend it sooner.
  2. Buy better.Buy more of what is selling and less of what is not. We recently we showed one owner $7,500 worth of stock which had not moved in a year.
  3. Easy LayBy.More expensive items can be attainable if you offer a LayBy service. Ours is easy to use and brings structure to offer a consistent service.
  4. Bring customers back. With no extra work, make a pitch customers see when they get home. We can bring as many as 25% of shoppers back in.
  5. Increase your Gross Profit.In our Toy Shop Software we have facilities which help you maximise gross profit. We’d love to show you these.
  6. Cut your bookkeeping and accounting fees.From GST reporting to having an up to date P&L, we can save time and money by linking to software like Xero.
  7. Connect your online with your shop.Our Web Store facility handles this.
  8. Cut theft.We you are not there, our software tracks behaviour. Our free Theft Check service has been successful to catching theft before it is too late.
  9. Managing suppliers for success.Our smart reporting given you better data than your suppliers. This will empower you to get more from them.
  10. The Tower AdvantageTM. Our professional and friendly help from training to support to business advice. We are not your average software company.