Small business retailers using our POS software have a structured process working for them, serving them, to deliver access to customer service quickly, efficiently and with certainty.

We have a documented escalation process to serve 0ur customers. Were do this with pride and clear focus as we know that good customer service on the POS software help desk is appreciated.

Our customers can contact us in myriad ways:

Calling our help desk – we have contact numbers in each state and NZ.

  1. Emailing,
  2. By Facebook message.
  3. By website message.
  4. By dropping in.

Accessibility matters to small business retailers. We understand that and ensure we are resourced for it.

We back easy access with terrific service and an escalation process on which our customers can rely. We’re human and mistakes can be made. This is why we have a transparent, structured and useful escalation process for our POS software customers.

Here is what we include in every weekly email we send our customers about help desk escalation:

If you any reason you are unhappy with customer service:

  1. Email with a subject of: Escalation.
  2. Please provide as complete a description of the issues as possible.
  3. If you have multiple points, please number each.
  4. If your concern relates to a specific employee, please include their name.

We handle escalations in a structured way. On receiving an e mail it goes to point 1. If you are unhappy with that, please escalate to the next point in line.

  2. CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: Gavin Williams. 03 9524 8000. Email
  3. MANAGING DIRECTOR: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338. Email:

We have had this process in please for years. Feedback from o7ur customers is they love it’ll even though escalation is rarely called upon. Having the service there is a demonstration of good faith. It reflects the professional approach we provide. That our leadership team is easily contactable shows that we back ourselves with our POS software customers.

When it comes to POS software help desk access, accessibility matters. Knowing you can reach beyond the help desk matters and small business retailers understand this. It demonstrates our commitment to customer service for those we serve in this business.