This Gift shop POS software helps independent retailers sell more and grow more successful businesses

Tower Systems is proud to offer Australian designed, developed and supported POS software for gift shops. Our gift shop software is current, valuable, easy to use and able to grow with the business. In fact, our POS software for gift shops helps gift shops grow through terrific marketing and management tools, though intuitive guidance and with the backing and support of a wonderful team of retailers, skilled training and help desk team members in the Tower family.

The gift shops that we serve with our POS software are locally owned and run gift shops, the quintessential small business, usually a family business. Competition is tough for these small businesses. We understand that and have ensured that our software helps these businesses meet and deal with competition.

Tower Systems helps small business gift shops through its constantly evolving gift shop software. Using our Point of Sale software, gift shop owners and gift shop managers are able to trade more efficiently and successfully, they are able to trade with confidence and accuracy. They are able to build a stronger and more valuable business.

Here are some of the practical and beneficial ways the Tower Systems gift shop software can help any independent gift and homewares shop:

  1. Accurate selling.
  2. Easier selling.
  3. Faster selling.
  4. Selling on the shop floor, over the phone or online.
  5. Click and collect is easy as well as in buy now pay later.
  6. Less mistakes thanks to fewer steps in the sales process.
  7. Automatic handling of EFT processing thanks it integrated EFTPOS.
  8. Easy to run LayBys including managing the terms and conditions, collecting payment and locating lay-bys.
  9. Easy handling of sales over a date and time range.
  10. Structure around product returns.
  11. Easy finding previous sales.
  12. Easier management of staff rosters.
  13. Visibility of business performance when you are not in the shop.
  14. Access to a range of shopper loyalty options from points based to a cash amount off the next sale.
  15. Easy bundling of products into a package deal offer – this makes price comparison harder.
  16. Easier selling online through a connected website.
  17. Tracking sales by staff member.
  18. Tracking business performance by supplier – driving suppliers to facilitate your business success.
  19. Tracking business performance by key seasons.
  20. Easy management of special orders for customers.
  21. Creating orders for suppliers.
  22. Easily loading electronic invoices from suppliers.
  23. Comparing trading periods for quick spotting of business performance trends.
  24. Selling by measure.
  25. Selling by weight.
  26. Managing the repairs process if you offer that type of service.
  27. Running customer accounts and managing the collection of these accounts.
  28. managing sopper gift cards including tracking balances.
  29. Managing multiple retail outlets.

The Tower Systems gift shop software helps small and independent gift shops in many ways. This list here is just some of the ways. This software has been developed with and for gift shop owners and their employees. It is already widely used.

As specialty retail software designed and developed in Australia, this is software fit for purpose for small and independent gift shops. 

Tower systems continues to evolve the software to ensure it meets the evolving needs of gift retailers in Australia.

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