The Tower Systems POS software link to Xero cloud based accounting software proves time and again to help small business retailers in myriad ways. From saving time to improving business planning to cutting expensive mistakes, the seamless integration delivers to small business retailers a whole of business benefit.

Tower Systems was an early partner of Xero, delivering access years ago, to its specialty retail customers using its POS software.

Without human intervention, sales data, incoming invoices and more is available from within Xero thanks to the integration between Xero and then Tower POS software. This lack of human intervention is key in that it delivers data to the accounting software without rekeying. When you consider that every keystroke is a potential mistake, eliminating these makes a huge difference.

In not going through a third party product, Tower is able to deliver seamless, better supported and more business suited solutions to its customers. The result is easy access to good and accurate data, the basis for better business decisions.

This is important in retail where there is pressure to be more competitive, leaner and more nimble. The POS software Xero integration facilitates these benefits and more for any retailer using the Tower Systems software.

Linking directly to Xero, as we do through our POS software, enhances the time-saving gained through the software as well as facilitating the accuracy of data managed by the software.

Our Xero link provides for a data feed of sales as well as purchases. This facilitates better management over creditors, which is crucial in and retail business.

With a CPA working full time in our business we are configured to provide a technical solution that has been overseen by our own Accountant, to ensure it is a viable solution for the small business retailers we serve.


Our Xero integration is one of many approved integrations provided by the software to serve the needs of retailers. Other integrations include:

  1. Tyro broadband EFTPOS.
  2. Links to all major banks through PC-EFTPOS.
  3. Magento e-commerce. Magento is an excellent platform for website sales for small to medium businesses.
  4. Shopify e-commerce. Shopify is an excellent entry-level solution for small to medium businesses.
  5. FlyBys in New Zealand.
  6. Transactor loyalty in New Zealand.
  7. Scale integration for selling by weight.
  8. Touch networks for vending event tickets, phone recharge, fishing licences and more.