Tower Systems has partnered with Magento e-commerce for years, delivering seamless connectivity between Magento and the Tower Systems Point of Sale software for independent specialty retailers.

Our Magento skills are broad and mature, having started with the product back in the days of Magento 1. Today, we with with the latest release, developing stand alone websites for retailers as well as Point of Sale connected websites for retailers, primarily small business retailers.

We have websites that connect to a single shop as well as sites that connect to many shops, representing online as a single face for these multi location businesses. The solutions are varied, strong and commercially focussed, delivering strong solutions in the e-commerce area, helping small business retailers attract and serve shoppers who otherwise may never set foot inside these businesses.

Connecting small business POS software to magento delivers to the businesses useful and robust solutions, solutions that serve them well, enabling business worth and focus as the find new customers and explore new online approaches to retail.

The Tower Systems Magento development is done 100% within Australia. This matters as it ensures that a more locally focussed and appropriate solution is provided to local retailers.

We think local Australian development of POS connected Magento websites matters to local Australian small business retailers.

Tower Systems is committed to local development for local businesses. Our developers understand retail in Australia and New Zealand. We leverage that to deliver practical and valuable business outcomes.

From simple websites to complex multi business solutions, the Tower Systems web development team for retailers is skilled and capable of delivering valuable solutions.

To find our more about our web development services, speak with a local Tower Systems sales person. They can point you to successful sites from us that are live and transacting today.

Here are some of the store linked websites we have developed:


This is a small selection of websites created by Tower Systems. Our web development skills are diverse. Our SEO and SEM skills are fine-tuned, to help you get the notice for your website.

To find out more about our POS software connected websites, please reach out to us.