The Tower Systems firearms dealer management software, helps firearms dealers fulfilled their regulatory obligations, collecting appropriate data and maintaining appropriate records relating to firearms and ammunition.

At the heart of the firearms retail management software is facilities that serve state and territory regulations as advised to us by firearms dealers.

As regulations change, we will change the firearms dealer management software to ensure that community expectations are met, that firearms retailers can comply with the law.

We appreciate the close relationships we have with firearms retailers. Their support and guidance, along with that from industry associations and other bodies helps us to deliver practical, lawful and community beneficial solutions.

In our Firearms retail management software, dealers can rely on accurate record keeping, security over data, good business accounting and tight staff management. These and other management tools feed into each other ton provide good business solutions offering valuable benefits for these local small businesses.

In a recent interview, we were asked background questions about our firearms dealer management software. here we share some of the answers, to take you behind the scenes with what we do and how we do it for firearms dealers:

Can I track firearms licence number by customer?

Yes, easily.

Can I track sales by serial number?

Yes, easily.

Can I track sales to a particular customer?

Yes, easily.

Can I market to customers based on their purchase history?

Yes, easily.

Can I sell items by colour, size and style?

Yes, easily.

What are the most significant benefits of the system?

Accurate selling, tight stock control, reordering based on real data, less dead stock, greater shopper contact efficiency through upselling and overall easier running of the business thanks to your rules and processes encoded through the software time saved by eliminating manual processes such as accounting system data entry and more.

Like any business tool, the benefits you get from using our firearms business software reflect what you put in.

Tower Systems approaches the opportunity as a long-term relationship.

We will do everything possible to help you succeed.

Can I sell bundled items like a firearm, ammunition and a sight?

Yes, this is easy. You can have a bundled price as well as single prices for each if you wish. Creating bundles is easy as is retreating from bundles back to single items, maintaining the integrity of stock on hand data at all steps along the way.

Can I unbundle items from a pack back to single items?

Yes, easily.

Can I sell items by weight?

Yes, easily. We thought this was an odd question for a firearm business but we have a good answer.

Can I sell gift cards?

Yes, easily.

Can I manage repairs for customers?

Yes, the software has a repairs facility through which you can track repairs, inventory used in repairs, time spent on repairs and outside resources used. It also notifies customers when a repaired item is ready to be collected.

Can I easily handle LayBys in the software?

Yes, you can establish your own rules and have these managed through the software.

Can I share care and maintenance instructions for goods purchased on receipts?

Yes, this is easily setup and changed.

Can I setup different pricing for members of a local club?


Can I sell items at a multi-buy price where the per unit price decreases as the number purchased increases?

Yes, this is part of our catalogue offer in the software.