Aussie POS software for gift shops helps them compete on the high street and online

Local gift shops benefit from gift shop management software from Tower Systems through facilities and tools designed to support these businesses in efficiency, local focus, shopper engagement and business planning.

This is good Aussie developed and supported software for independent gift shops, software that is fit for purpose for these businesses regardless of location or niche in the gift retail space.

Our gift shop software is used by hundreds of specialty gift retailers today, facilitating stronger and more valuable businesses.

These promises are real. We are real. Tower Systems is a well-established Aussie POS software company with more than 3,500 small business retail customers in nine specific retail niche categories, like gift shops.

Here is what we think really matters about what we do and what we offer Australian gift shops like yours:

  1. This awesome gift shop software is developed in Australia.
  2. It has been designed specifically for gift shops.
  3. Our customer service team is Australian based. If you call, email, text, Facebook message or visit us, a human, with a real name, responds.
  4. Our software is regularly enhanced, based on user suggestions.
  5. You have access to unlimited one-on-one training.
  6. We offer business growth training, providing business context for cool things you can do with the software.
  7. Easy access to a fantastic knowledge base – like a searchable manual.
  8. Easily link with your website to sell online.
  9. Easily link to Xero – save time, cut mistakes and cut accounting costs.

Tower Systems offers gift shop retailers plenty…

  1. There is no additional travel cost for on site installation and training.
  2. There is no additional mandatory monthly support cost.
  3. There is no extra mandatory cost for software updates.
  4. There is no extra cost for extra registers or computers in your shop.
  5. There is no after-hours charge for after-hours support calls.
  6. There is no additional charge based on turnover.

Look at that list of things we will not charge for!

We have tried to make our offer for gift shops as cost-effective as possible while maintaining the high level of personal professional service for which we are known.

Tower Systems is proud to support small business gift retailers, for stronger local retail, especially in regional and rural locations.

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