Greeting customers and customer service is vital to business success. Do it right and you position the business for better outcomes.l Do it right and you will see a reduction in shopper theft. Dou it right, and your team will enjoy working in the business more.

Here is our advice. Yes, from a POS software company. We have many years of retail experience and one way to show this is to share insights we have nurtured o9ver the years.

  1. At busy times have a designated greeter working at the front of the shop to naturally greet while pricing or doing some other valuable work. The work can include pricing, refreshing a display, playing with (demonstrating) a product. Touching, feeling and engaging with products is key.
  2. Make eye contact with all who enter.
  3. Smile at all who enter.
  4. Cheerfully work with customers on their mobile phones rather than being rude toward them. A customer is a customer.
  5. Be age appropriate in communication. For example, older women are not guys. Gen Y does not warm to the term mate.
  6. Share product knowledge without being intrusive.
  7. Whatever you say has to be about them and not you.
  8. Do not interrupt conversations between customers.
  9. Never voice a negative thought. If people comment business is slow or retail is dead, answer with we’re in good shape, we’re loving it hereor we’re having funor similar.
  10. Don’t complain.
  11. Don’t complain about music playing, especially Christmas music – it’s for customers.
  12. Don’t say next to bring on the next customer, say hi!
  13. Thank people as they leave, smile and say something like see you soon.
  14. Don’t talk about customers to other customers.

Greeting has to be welcoming and genuinely happy. Nail this and you set the right tone for theirs visit to the shoot that day.

Take note of how other businesses nearby handle the greeting challenge. Ensure yours is different, better and more suited to your local shoppers. In small business retail there is opportunity for personalisation and this can be a a key differentiator.

Take time to settle your approach to greeting shoppers. Get it right and the business will benefit for sure.