The Online Wholesaler website launched by Tower Systems offers access to a wide variety of unique, fun and engaged gift and homewares products.

Connected to our POS software, this wholesale website has been created solely for retailers, for the sale of goods at wholesale prices to them.

The Online Wholesaler is run by newsXpress Pty Ltd, part of the Tower Systems family. Originally developed for newsXpress members, it has been evolved to offer access to the unique range of quality products to other retailers too.

The website is an excellent showcase for Tower web development tools and processes as the website has been entirely developed in-house by Tower Systems. It offers variable pricing, flexibility on shipping and much more – making it a terrifically advanced wholesale products website of benefit to retailers around Australia keen for easy access to good margin unique products.

The website is a good calling card for Tower systems as well as a commercially valuable wholesale site for small business and indie retailers.

The goal of the website is to offer a new type of wholesale experience. We will not have reps on the road. We don’t do trade shows to show our products. We don’t have sales agents. We will not push product to you. Rather, this site uses leading edge tech to enable you to shop for what you want and what you can use to attract new shoppers to the business.

We are keen to help you find new shopper traffic for your shop through ranging products you might otherwise not have stocked in your business. We do this by categorising products by buying occasion and well as using tags to help you search for what may interest you.

We source products by visiting international trade shows in Atlanta, Birmingham, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and elsewhere. We seek out products that are not represented by the wholesalers in Australia with whom we already have relationships.

Any retailer can access The Online Wholesaler by singing up for an account. There is no cost for this. The process is simple and easy with product details readily accessible.

In using the site you are also using web technology that is directly connected to the Tower Systems POS software.