Tower Systems has been in business for more than thirty-five years. We are an Aussie company with development and support based locally.

When people contact us, they are not sent offshore. Better still, our software is developed in Australians and Australian businesses.

We develop, sell and support our jeweller software. Our customers can access the software through rental, lease or purchase. They can choose the payment method that best suits their business needs.

The jeweller software we sell today is different to what we sold ten years ago. It is different to what we sold last year. We actively embrace change and enhancement, helping our hundreds of jeweller customers embrace change, too, through evolving software.

The benefits to jewellers of the Tower Systems software are myriad. They include reduced paperwork, reduced mistakes, efficient workflow, easier customer marketing, easier differentiation of the business to reflect the business unique selling proposition.

The most important benefit to jeweller retailers of the Tower Systems POS software is the provision of a sound base of data on which to base business decisions, better business decisions.

Tower Systems helps its jeweller customers learn and master our software by providing on-site, live training. We visit the store and train all the staff. We back this up with unlimited free training oevr the phone for years as part of our support package.

The Tower software can be used in the cloud or on the desktop. Our customers choose what they prefer. In either case, integrations to accounting solutions such as xero are available.

The most significant advancement that we have seen for jewellers over the last two years is the implementation of jeweller POS software integrated websites. We make selling online easy and consistent.

What makes Tower Systems stand out is that we are the only Jeweller POS software company in Australia offering Australian developed and supported software. We make what we sell. We are not agents for another company.

What is next is the ability to more easily do pop-up retail, to sell anywhere, any time and through this to find new customers. Our online integration with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce are perfect for jewellers who see online as key to their success in the future.

We are grateful to jewellers for their support, guidance and business for decades. Their advice has helped make our software better, without a doubt.