First up, we have never used the Vend POS software. So, we can’t speak to what it does.

What we know is the Tower System s pet shop software, how we train our customers, how we support them and how we work with pet shop suppliers.

We are a full service, personal service, specialty retail POS software company with many customers in the pet shop space.

Our software is not generic, basic, simple. It is comprehensive. Fit for purpose. made for pet retailers. Connecting pet retailers and their suppliers.

Our software is embedded with facilities pet shop owners and managers and retail staff have pitched to us to include. This is part of what makes our software specialist.

We are confident that in any function by function comparison of our software with Vend that anyone working in a specialty pet shop would choose us.

Like all good specialty retail software, our Pet shop POS software continues to evolve. We improve facilities, add new facilities, making it better with each new release … with many of the enhancements coming direct from customer suggestions.

We are close to our customers, accessible to them, available to them – our weekly customer email has all our contact details including the direct contact details of the COO and CEO of our company. This makes us not only accessible but also accountable, and that matters.

But where we think we really differ to Vend, where Tower Systems really shines in in our view in service of pet shop software users is in our personal service. We train our customers and their team members, personally, in their shops, in the use of our software. Personal service matters in retail and it matters in POS software training.

Not over the phone, but in the shop. Picking up local nuances, how things are done, workflow and the like, and showing, live and in person, how to use our software to advantage to serve those observed needs.

We believe in personal service as this is what establishes long-term and valued relationships. This is a good example of the Tower Systems advantage.

You can find out more about our awesome pet shop software at our website.