Tackle World retailers, Compleat Angler retailers and plenty of independent retailers use the Tower Systems fishing shop software to help run their businesses.

We are grateful to our Tackle World and Compleat Angler customers for their guidance and input as we have developed our software to better serve the fishing and outdoors retail marketplace.

Each software update we release delivers more facilities and enhancements to existing facilities based on suggestions from shop staff, managers, owners and suppliers. We love the suggestions and the voting for the suggestions of others – our approach to determining what is in each software update is transparent and user driven.

Our fishing shop software is highly tailored and finely tuned to the needs of local fishing shops. This is what makes it specialist software for these specialist retailers. We back the specialist software with specialist training for our fishing shop retailers. We do this in their shops, one on one with them and their staff. It is a personal and specialty service that delivers better business outcomes for the. Retail is personal, after all.


We think we can help with this, based on years of service to this retail channel.

In thinking about the software you want, think about your business. Here are some headline level thoughts and suggestions.

  1. If you see your business as specialist in nature, the software you choose should be specialist.
  2. If part of your business pitch is to shop local, choosing locally made and supported software supports your pitch. Local software is software made and supported in Australia.
  3. If you want to be known as the local specialist, you need software that helps you do this consistently and effectively.
  4. If you do repairs or maintenance of any sort, you need software that can handle this.
  5. If you sell items bundled such as a rod, reel and line pack, you need software that can handle this.
  6. If you are in a tourist area and sell to people once, or once a year, you need software with loyalty facilities to maximise their rare visits to your shop.
  7. If you sell products by weight,you need software that can do this.

Think about these things and think about what you want in software in your business to help you stand out.

Tower Systems is ready to serve independently owned and run fishing and outdoors retail businesses with awesome software backed by awesome service.